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Child Guidance

Positive guidance techniques are used to reduce frustration and boredom that leads to disruptive, inappropriate behavior.

Children are encouraged to participate and cooperate with each other. They are encouraged to share, practice good manners and are assisted in developing a positive attitude.

All interactions between Educators and children, including, matters of discipline in nature will provide a learning experience and opportunity to understand moral values.

Inappropriate behavior will be minimized by:

  1. Providing a sufficient number of interesting and stimulating activities.
  2. Being aware of interactions occurring in the classroom and redirecting inappropriate behaviors.
  3. Providing positive reinforcement for positive behaviors to promote children’s recognition of expected behaviors
  4. Giving advance notice of transition times.
  5. Allowing children to make valid choices.
  6. Setting clear and consistent limits for appropriate behavior.

The use of corporal punishment, verbal, emotional or physical punishment is not permitted by the Child Day Care Facilities Operator Standards. Withholding food or special activities as punishment will not be permitted.