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Complaint and Grievance

It is our goal to strive for quality and excellence in the care of your child.  Therefore any positive comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated and can be made to the Director of the facility.

We always welcome your input and feedback toward the care of your child.  The Director appreciates questions, or discussions of any kind that affect a positive outcome for your child.  However, if you feel that there is a problem concerning the facility or a staff member, please follow the steps as listed:

  1. Speak with the educator involved with your child.
  2. Allow follow up from the educator to you.
  3. If you are still not satisfied with the results of your concerns, please make an appointment to personally talk to the Director.

All comments made to staff members are relayed to the Director, so that the Director is aware of any problems or issues.  If a complaint is made, the Director will listen carefully to the issue that the parent has, and will attempt to work with the parent(s) to rectify the problem.  At this time it may be appropriate to discuss any other issues that the Director may feel is important concerning the child in the context of the complaint.

We feel that Communication is essential to the success of your child’s care. We must make sure that we can share openly any concerns or questions that may arise.  We believe in an open door policy and encourage parents to feel free to call and check on your child’s day if you have any concerns.  We understand that, to you, the most important person in the entire centre is your child and we respect that fact and in turn treat your child with just as much respect.   We try to put ourselves in the parents place and, we recognize that you have a right to expect the best care possible for your child.

Communication between parents and staff member is very important. We encourage daily interaction between parents and staff to ensure that as parents you are kept abreast of how your child’s day was and that you are made aware of any specific incidents.

Also, it is equally important that staff members are kept abreast of any concerns parents may have about your child at the centre and/or at home that may assist in the care of your child.

All comments are taken very seriously and we will all do our best to ensure your complete satisfaction.  We aim to keep parents stress-free and self-assured knowing that their children are in our loving care.