Parents Handbook > Discharge


Day Care personnel are trained to address numerous behavioral issues common among young children. Occasionally situations arise that are out of the ordinary.

This can be a very unpleasant situation to deal with for both parents and staff. The following procedure should be adhered to as closely as possible.

If you are withdrawing your child from our center on a positive note such as change of job, relocation, child entering school, etc., we require a two week written notice that our services will no longer be required. (Detailed information on how payments of any fees due are to be handled is in the section entitled Payments & Fees).

If your child’s discharge is initiated by the center, the following action will already have been followed.

After the first incident, the parents will be contacted and the problem discussed and a course of action decided upon. The staff of the center will speak to the child at the time the incident occurs and discipline administered. The parents will be asked to review the behavior with the child at home. Documentation will be placed in the child’s file.

After the second incident, the staff to discuss the situation will contact the parents immediately and the child will be redirected according to center policy. Documentation will be placed in the child’s file along with a written summary of the discussion held with the parents of the child. The parent will be advised at this time that if the inappropriate behavior continues there will be grounds for immediate dismissal and the child is placed on probation.

If a third incident occurs, the parents will be contacted and asked to come to the center and remove the child from our care. Documentation will be placed in the child’s file once again and payment would be due only for services rendered to the point of discharge.

All measures will be taken to ensure this does not happen. We will provide adequate supervision and intervention so that situations are not permitted to escalate to the point that discharge would be necessary.

*Examples of serious misbehavior may include, but not be restricted to, the following: biting, hitting, kicking, bullying, name calling, pushing and shoving, rude and aggressive behavior, consistent failure to follow center rules of expected behavior.

Because not all conflicts involve just the children in our care, we have found it necessary to include a section in this manual strictly relating to the relationship between the center and parents of the children in our care.

A child will also be discharged under the following circumstances:

Failure on the parents part to pay for childcare at the agreed upon time will result in the parents being told to make alternate arrangements. Parents will be given one opportunity to correct the payment issue and if it becomes an issue again, the parents will be given immediate notice to remove the child and a payment of two weeks will be required.

Failure on the parent’s part to communicate any and all situations that may affect their child at the center. This would include but not be limited to the following:

  • Child’s personality and behavior,
  • Past negative experiences with other day cares,
  • Parents intention to seek government subsidy as this impacts cash flow schedules of the center,
  • Length of time the parent intends to have the child remain in the centers care. This is important as most centers have lengthy waiting lists. Most children do much better in a long-term placement situation. Parents need to take into consideration that some smaller centers may have a harder time replacing children after a short period of time. Parents who know they require only short term care, or have their name on a waitlist at other centers, are required to disclose this fact to the center before placing their child. This disclosure works to benefit both the child and the center.