Parents Handbook > Enrollment


Once you have visited our center, met with our director and decided to place your child in our care, there are procedures that need to be followed. Licensed centers in this region are mandated by the Social Development Services to provide the following information:

The following forms need to be completed and returned before your child begins at our center

  1. Child Profile – Prov. Of N.B
  2. Consent for Outings – Prov. Of N.B
  3. Emergency care and transportation – Prov. Of N.B
  4. Administration of medication & of Acetaminophen – Prov. Of NB
  5. Acknowledgement of receipt of Parent Handbook and acceptance of terms there in.

(See appendix 1.)

  1. Consetn forms for taking phots
  2. Child Release Authorization
  3. Consent to enable Daycare Assistance to release information

A copy of your child’s immunization record is required by law and must be updated as immunizations are given by your health care professional. If you choose not to immunize your child, a waiver must be signed.

This documentation goes directly into your child’s file and it is the responsibility of the parent to keep these records updated. These records could be crucial should a medical emergency arise. Failure to keep records updated could result in your child being removed from the center until records are updated, or an appropriate waiver signed.

Also required before your child begins at our center is a non- refundable deposit of $35:00. If your child is not starting at our center right away, this fee holds a space for your child until the agreed upon date. The amount of this fee will be included on your receipt at the year’s end for income tax purposes. This also includes cost of registration and paperwork required by the Department of Education.

Method of payment and payment schedule must be agreed to in writing before your child begins at our center. These terms are strictly followed once your child begins at the center as per the signed contract.