Parents Handbook > Evacuation and Emergency Procedures

Evacuation and Emergency Procedures

Fire drills will be conducted monthly. In case of an emergency, the provider and the children will gather at the church on the right side of the day care. If for some reason, due to the circumstance, we are unable to get to the church, we will exit from the rear of the house and proceed to the top of McClure Lane. If we are unable to return back to the day care, all of the parents will be contacted immediately and arrangements will be made.

All volunteers must be trained on Evacuation/Emergency procedures. Evacuation procedures/Fire drills are practiced monthly with all staff and children. Monthly inspections and maintenance of building facilities are completed to ensure safety is maintained.

This Evacuation/Emergency plan is reviewed monthly after drills and every 12 months to take into account any changes in physical location or evacuation procedures.

The following steps will be taken in case of an Evacuation/Emergency at the center.

  1. A staff member will sound the alarm (if 2nd staff available call 911)
  2. Each staff member is responsible for the children in their group.
  3. When the alarm sounds each staff member will gather the children, carry an attendance sheet & emergency contact list and any special provisions.
  4. Staff members will exit the building and proceed to our designated safe area as outlined.
      • The Church on the right hand side of the day care
      • Transportation required
      • Head count of children
  5. When all children and staff are accounted for, call 911 if not called yet.
  6. The Director or Owner/Operator will do a check of all washrooms/offices/closets etc. to ensure no one is in the building before exiting. This person should be the last one to leave.
  7. Under the direction of the Director or Owner/Operator, call parents to arrange pick up of children. Parents must sign the attendance sheet when receiving their child.