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Personal Belongings

Each child will be provided with space to keep his or her personal belongings in during his/her attendance at the centre.

Clothing guidelines are in place to respect the health, hygiene, personal and cultural beliefs of all families using our centre.  The Child Daycare Facilities Operating Standards require all children in attendance to be provided with 2 hours of outdoor play per day.  Consequently, we play outside in all weather conditions.  (Except extreme cold/he)  Unless it is below –25 including wind-chill.


One full set of extra clothing (of your choice) should be left at the Day Care.

Indoor Velcro closures running shoes are required and are to be kept at the Day Care – party shoes or flip-flops are not permitted.

The Day Care Standards Act requires that all children in attendance be provided with 2 hours of outdoor play. Consequently, we play outside in all weather conditions. To dress your child for outdoor play, we recommend:

  1. It is recommended that children be dressed in comfortable casual clothing that allows freedom of movement.
  2. In case the soiling of clothing occurs, each child requires a full change of clothing (including a hat/socks/underwear) each day.
  3. Suitable footwear is required to be worn in the playgrounds at all times.  (Flip-flops /crocs do not work well in pea gravel or mulch).
  4. Spaghetti strap tops are not allowed as they increase the risk of sun exposure.


Your child will need to have the following items clearly marked with the child’s name and left at the center at all times. Soiled items need to be replaced immediately:

  1. Non-marking soled sneakers/ slippers for indoor use.
  2. Box/package of diapers, wipes, cream (if required)
  3. Appropriate outdoor clothing (according to season) ie: Splash pants, snow pants, swimsuits, etc.
  4. Soft security/comfort items (if your child has a rest/sleep period).  Examples are blankets, small pillows, stuffed toy etc.
  5. Weather appropriate footwear (i.e. sneakers, rubber boots, winter boots, etc.)

Please ensure your child’s personal belongings are labeled to prevent loss.  In addition, we ask that you please leave your child’s toys at home.  The only time toys from home are allowed at the Centre is on “Show and Share” days.  Furthermore, guns, fighting toys, or any toys promoting violence and/or destruction will not be permitted at the Centre (not even for Show & Share).