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Children are individuals with unique talents, capabilities and aspirations. These qualities need to be nurtured in order to flourish in their development. Children have a natural sense of curiosity. I hope to facilitate this by providing a stimulating, healthy and caring environment. I am sensitive to a child’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs. I provide developmentally appropriate programs that focus on the process of learning and help the children enjoy successful experiences. I encourage not just learning, but also the love of learning.

I recognize that children experience life at their own level. I support this by accepting each child for their uniqueness and help challenge them in their own interests, talents and abilities. Every child’s individuality is recognized and respected. When children are valued, they become more confident and better able to develop to their full potential. Children are encouraged to embrace new experiences and realize that it is not the success or the failure that is important, but the growing that occurs in the process.

Children are provided with choices to support them as they problem solve and in situations where they experience challenges. Children are always encouraged to express their needs in order to promote their own sense of self. In allowing a child to choose appropriately each child becomes increasingly self- directed and consequently develops increased self-esteem.

I establish consistent, age appropriate limits to help children function in their world. Our programs are designed to help develop a child’s own sense of independence and responsibility.

I have a very supportive family atmosphere in which the care provided is an extension of the care provided within the child’s home environment.  I believe that an atmosphere of mutual respect between parents and childcare providers is critical and we constantly encourage daily communication between parents and center staff. We encourage parents to become actively involved and we are always receptive to parent’s suggestions and ideas. I recognize that not all are alike however; I support and respect the individuality of families as well.

During a child’s formative years, it is imperative that each and every child be provided with a loving, nurturing, accepting environment whereby the child can begin to uncover the joys of childhood and discover his/her own unique talents and skills. I believe that our center provides these necessities of life.

The day care center provides a learning environment that is well planned and organized.  Through this children will have a rich and stimulating experience. It provides the structure for teaching within which children explore, experiment, and make decisions for them selves. They are able to learn, develop, and make good progress. Activities provided are planned by the child and based on the child’s level of development and interest.  Children are given the opportunity to become engrossed, work in depth, and complete activities.

Our Long-term goals are to maintain a quality Day care with quality staff, Short tram Goals are to finish o the renovation of the new day care and to imply the polite project in all the day care

  • Special considerations – Country Kids Day Care is a peanut free Centre.

We take in to account respect and different beliefs and religions at all times. It is the Educators choice whether grace is encouraged and is non –denominational and this will only occur at meal times.

  • Commitment to professional growth & development – staff up-date and take course that are available to them.
  • Regular Daily Routine
  • 6:30 – 8:30 Children have free play
  • 8:30 – 9:00 Children have separated in own class rooms and the younger ones getting ready for snack
  • 9:00 –9:30 have snack and ready for outside play
  • 9:30 – 11:00 children are having outside play in different groups (if you are not outside you will be having small group time)
  • 11:00 – 2:00 wash up for lunch, clean teeth, nap or quite time.
  • 2:00- 3:00 older children outside time younger one large group time and snack.
  • 3:00 – 5:00 older children have snack and large group time younger ones outside play.
  • 5:00 – 6:30 free play and getting ready to go home.
  • Program “extensions”
  • The Staff are encouraged while doing their planning to include a field trip that is based around their theme. (i.e. field trips/outings…)
  • Description of “learning centres” made available
  • All Children learn at different rates and like different areas of play at Country Kids we have all the following areas in all our rooms.
  • Block Area:-, When playing in this area a child will learn about geometry Shapes like triangles, rectangles and cylinders. Also Math unit blocks are specially measured so that they learn about fractions measurement and even physics as they learning about balance and weight when building towers and bridges.
  • Art:-Imagination and creative skills are used here its all about the process than the product seeing how colours mix what they make when mixed together learning how to cut hold a pencil write my name using my large and fine motor skills. Our self-image grows as we take pride in our achievements.( provide a stimulating environment where children can explore a wide variety of tools and materials and use resources from different cultures. Value their approaches, original ideas and contributions)
  • Manipulative Area:- I will use my fine motor skills hand and eye co-ordination, Concentration skills problem solving math skill like sorting and ordering counting all this will be used while doing puzzles lacing and building (Through constructing and modelling using malleable materials provides opportunities to develop new skills)
  • Dress up:-Children learn to share, take turns learn to dress and undress, use imagination, count, solve problem, talk and act out things that have happen to us, pretend to be someone else. (Dress up helps children to make sense of their own lives and to investigate new and unusual events.)
  • Book area:– Children will learn to sit and listen carefully, be aware of what they and other people feel ,need and think. Retell stories and rhymes, find out about past and now different cultures and beliefs written words mean something and in English words are read from top to bottom and from left to right. (Listening to and sharing stories and rhymes expand children’s knowledge and develop their ability to express imaginary ideas.)

Outside play: Learn to move with confidence, imagination and safety, travel with control and co-ordination on balancing and climbing equipment, use large and small equipment, know that we have to follow simple rules for our own safety. Dress and undress ourselves independently for outside play. (By giving children the opportunity to explore the great outdoors, we provide them with the freedom to move and find out about the world around us.)          more… (i.e. play with building blocks, children are learning math concepts (shapes, counting, patterning…); social skills (sharing, communication of ideas…); language; fine/gross motor dev)

At Country Kids Day Care, we maintain an “open door policy”; families are welcome to drop in at any time during our program hours. Our educators are happy to meet with you regarding any aspect of your child’s attendance at Country Kids Day Care. We do, however, request that, if you would like to meet with one of your child’s educators, you request an appointment. The reason for this request is to ensure the educator’s ability to maintain her/his focus on the children during program hours. Long conversations, during drop off and pick up times, take the educator’s attention from the children and program.