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Vacation and Absences

Our centre is licensed through the Department of Education. Based on regulations, as defined in the Child Day Care Facilities Operator Standards, each licensed facility is registered for a given number of child “spaces”. Essentially, when you register your child at Country Kids Day Care, you are renting a “space”. That space belongs to your child and may not be given to another until your child is not longer attending the centre. You are, therefore, financially responsible for that space for every day/week of your child’s registration, regardless of his/her attendance.

If your child is unable to attend the centre due to illness, you are still responsible to pay regular weekly childcare fees.

Full time families will be allowed a bank of ten (10) vacation days per year, from January 1 to December 31st, only after having been registered at the centre for one full year. Credit for vacation time must be requested of the Director prior to the billing period. Vacation days may not be accumulated from year to year.